A letter from Santa!

My Dear Sina and Renata,

I have received and read the letter which you two have written me… I must admit I had a hard time reading your uneven scratches, but with some effort I figured out what it is you wanted most for Christmas. And you will find that I made no mistake about the things, you ordered in your memo to me. I went down your chimney in both the Bavostraat and the Europalaan when you were asleep and delivered the gift myself and kissed both of you, too… I also drank the milk and ate the cookies. I almost choked on them as in Sina’s house there were two fierce chihuahuas and in Renata’s some ferocious house tigers…

But… there was … one small order, which I could not fulfill because we ran out of stock. And there was no way to replace it in time for this year’s Christmas. You’ll have to come and get it yourself, as it will be delivered on November 5 in 2017. It will be ready for you two at Tavern on the Green in Central Park, New York City and it is the biggest, biggest medal that my elves have ever made…
It’s the New York City marathon medal special 2017 edition that will be waiting for you two!

You two will have earned it after all the hard training you have done already and will do in the new year. I also noticed the hardship you have encountered! Sina, you broke your hip and I am happy to see that you’re finally starting to recover nicely. No… I know you still have a long way to go, but you will make it to New York and you will cross the finish line. And you, Renata, you too are putting in quite the effort to overcome your astma troubles and you too will do nicely in next year’s NYC marathon… it’s all in my special book, you know!

Continue being good! I hope you have a wonderful time this Christmas.
Merry Christmas also to all the readers of the www.running2newyork.com blog. I have been to your homes too, you know! If you have a special dream for next year, send me a letter… just like Sina and Renata did. You’re worth it and me and my elves will do everything we can to help you fulfill yours!

Santa Claus


Missus Claus is very much in favor of the food advice Sina has been giving and has slightly changed her Christmas cookie recipe to make it more wholesome and with more fibre and less fat. As you know, Santa is quite chubby and the missus is concerned I might get stuck in the chimney at one point in time… I do hope she missed the blog on doing burpees, crunches and walking lunches though…! 


Reacties (2):

  1. Guy van Grinsven

    25 december 2016 at 10:39

    You took your time Claus, great, And so nice that your wife Beatrix is watching your weight so you don’t stuck in the chimny ??

  2. Donna

    26 december 2016 at 14:23

    Hahaha love this letter Santa. Take care and thanks for coming. I loved my presents


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Phidippides was een Griekse koerier naar wiens lange afstandsloop na de Slag bij Marathon het sportevenement de marathon is genoemd. Phidippides is ook de titel van de door Guy van Grinsven gemaakte documentaire die in 26 minuten op zeer bijzondere wijze de weg in beeld brengt die ik met hulp en steun van Sina heb kunnen afleggen om mijn doel – de finish in de NYC marathon – te bereiken.

NY marathon is emotie

5 uur, 13 minuten en 50 seconden hebben we er over gedaan. Wat was ‘t mooi én emotioneel. Ik heb gezien dat lopers tijdens de race aan andere lopers die ze helemaal niet kenden vroegen hoe het ging. Politie aan de kant van de straat ging helemaal uit hun dak. Ik zag smiles en tranen en had die zelf ook. Hier het verslag van de NYC marathon. En nog meer foto’s.